Our Team

Our company has a production department for gears divided into four main sectors: turning, gear cutting, grinding and assembly. Then there are the work areas dedicated to painting and frame components.

The production chain also incorporates one very important department: quality control which is vital for CIAP because it allows excellent standards to be guaranteed. Assistance also plays a very strategic role for the satisfaction of our customers.

The administration offices and the Logistics department complete our company organisation.

Today CIAP can count on the professionalism of its 52 employees, possessing very high level technical skills and being strongly motivated to reach the goals to achieve full customer satisfaction.

The Honda Code of Conduct

Following the Honda philosophy and its natural vocation that aims to realise the dreams of individuals, Honda has been able to establish a trusting relationship with its customers and the businesses it works with. As a result of its global distribution, Honda has associates in a number of countries and regions of the world. It is therefore essential for all the companies to share and subscribe to a common code of conduct governing various aspects: relations with customers, with business partners, with colleagues, with the company, with Honda, etc. It is therefore paramount that each individual follows these directives in a transparent manner within each associated company.