Local stay... global mind

Our company embodies the perfect blend of Japanese and Italian philosophy.
The pairing of these two countries is a strong feature of our company and is reflected in our manufacturing methods and how we do business.

Here at CIAP every day we strive to grow along with our customers and be able to offer high quality at competitive prices: our products are the best confirmation of credibility. To be the creators of our own future, there can be no lack of team spirit and enthusiasm for knowing how to take on new challenges. The merger with Honda Motor has elicited an extra drive towards innovation and towards continuous improvement.

Italian quality

Here at CIAP we are committed to improving quality in all stages of the production process to provide our customers with a product the working operation and performance of which we can guarantee, with the delivery dates requested and at an affordable cost.

Our primary objective is to satisfy every Customer’s expectations of 3 aspects: quality, time and the cost of our products and services. This is the only way to consolidate successful working relations over time.

To achieve such an ambitious objective, it is essential for us to create the best possible working conditions: first and foremost a corporate climate that is motivational for employees and that ensures that everyone is driven towards personal growth. Then guaranteeing a safe working environment, and lastly striving to strengthen the production organisation, eliminating waste and optimising every aspect of the production chain.

Stabilisation and corporate development are two areas that motivate us: listening to the needs of our partners for us is essential in order to cater for their current needs but also to pre-empt the latent demands of our industry.

The Japanese method

From Honda’s oriental philosophy we have inherited and taken on board the Kaizen: a Japanese method that aims at continuous improvement for the company and for the individual.

Kaizen encourages improvement in all areas of the company: in terms of production and also environmental, public relations and staff satisfaction. This is achieved by means of the innovative ideas that are put forward by our collaborators.

Each employee therefore contributes actively to the growth of the company, also by virtue of such methods as Total Quality Management, a management system which through planning and constant control makes it possible to reach the goals set and to identify the necessary means of achieving them.

The Genba “real place” concept is central to the Honda philosophy: the physical place where the working processes take place must be protected, ensuring cleanliness and order that are essential for safety and for performing individual tasks, aiming at perfection and totally eliminating any errors.

The Honda philosophy

Respect for the individual

Initiative, trust, equality
Through creativity and thought, people can realise their dreams, sharing with others the joy of achieving their goals. In all our activities what counts the most is to satisfy everybody’s desires and to enjoy what we do. Honda has adopted this concept right from its very inception.

The Three Joys

The joy of buying, the joy of selling and the joy of producing
Our goal is to share these joys through our work efforts. We direct our endeavours to those who buy our products, to those who sell them and to all those involved in actually making the product.